complaints and ranting

Today, I am in a temper.  I am vexed and ratty.

1) It is 3:30 pm and UPS has not come and delivered the motherboard for Mr. Shark’s new PC, which the tracking system claims is scheduled to arrive today.  I have been putting things off waiting for the UPS man, and soon I will not have enough time to finish anything.  Also, if the motherboard does not get here by the time Mr. Shark gets home, there is the risk of another person getting vexed and ratty when he cannot work on his project.

2) It’s damn cold. Grey as a cloud and just as damp and about 10 degrees, so nobody feels like going for a walk. While at the same time, everyone is grumpy as all get out because they have not gone for a walk.  I can ride my exercise bike, but that does nothing for the dogs.

3) Our main newspaper, to which we have subscribed for 23 years without incident, seems to have decided that we do not need to get a complete paper every single day.  This is a famous, major market newspaper that is highly respected nationally, and if they do not get back on the ball, you will see another entry here naming names and providing you, the blogosphere, with all the hot and juicy details of my repeated attempts to get them to deliver my damn newspaper.  I know this is old fashioned, but I think I should get what I pay for.

4) Finally, and worst, please let my new glasses be finished soon.  My astigmatism has changed again and I’m starting to get headaches from my old glasses. Plus I’m too cheap to buy a second pair of new frames for my studio glasses, the ones with the special correction I need to work at the computer and the drawing board for prolonged periods, so I don’t have those at all.  The Sharkipede is so tired of peering and squinting!

There.  Four things that have me ticked off to various degrees.  Thanks for letting me vent; I will come back when I am in a better mood.  Or later, whichever comes first.


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