New Sketchbook Day!

Yay, it’s New Sketchbook Day here at Sharkipede World HQ.  This is always a minor festival, with the closing of the old sketchbook by writing the closing date on the inside front cover, and the opening of the new with the ritual First Drawing. 

The old sketchbook was #13 since I switched over to hardcovers, and it was open from October of 2007 through July 2008. (I prefer not to date them any more tightly.)  Nine or ten months is about average for the time it takes me to fill up a sketchbook– they can last as few as six months or as long as a year.  The new #14 has been my backup sketchbook for at least five years– it was damaged after I bought it when it got knocked off a shelf and has a big scuff along the edge of the spine.  I’d always had an extra spare with a clean cover to use instead, but this time I forgot to buy one so the reserve has finally come into play.  I hope it is a lucky move.

Sketchbook #13 was mostly devoted to work on the almost finished Secret Project,  and also contains a lot of design work for my main characters, including chibi versions of many of them and tons of alternate costume designs.  There also was a fair amount of experimental free drawing, much of it featuring a large soft pencil with a multicolored lead that I got as a Christmas present from my niece and nephews.

The last drawing in #13 was a pencil study for a display drawing– maybe a poster or a cover for a book or comic– featuring Iowa and Gideon cataloging a stack of four color Golden Age comics, with Josef lying in a great heap of even more of the same.

The first drawings in #14 are a further development of the “S-Curve” map of Kekionga, and some sketches of Foursquare in flight copied from Mac Raboy’s standard flight poses for Captain Marvel Jr. 

It’s only a swipe if you put it in a published comic!


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