Dumbphones rule!

I think we’ve all been hearing a lot about the new Iphone and other smartphones that are the current hotness in the world of gadgets.  I was inspired by a smartphone thread on a message board I frequent to look a little more carefully at my own dumbphone- an ancient (late 90s tech) Kyocera that I got when I was signed up for Virgin Mobile in late 2002 as a Christmas present from Mr. Shark.

I was pleased to find this contemporary review at http://www.silverace.com/smartpig/issue2.html:

“The Kyocera 2119b is the older of the two designs, in both size and display, and typical in design of many bar phones from the mid-90s. Despite it’s aged appearance, the 2119b is one of the most reliable, trouble-free phones ever made due to a solid construction that allows it to withstand much abuse, and has easy disassembly for repairs. It was introduced during 2001/2002 along with the new Virgin Mobile cell phone service as one of two phones you could then buy. ”

Yup– “aged” in 2003, who knows what you would call it in 2008. “Old School” is the polite term, and “coprolite” would be somewhat less polite.  But it is every bit as good a unit in use as the review states.  Makes and recieves calls, has caller ID and voicemail, and always works.  What more do I need?

Here is a nice pic of the big guy:
http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0000 … ZZZZZZ.jpg  Mine looks just like this except it has a funky red metallic faceplate, a little black leather case over that,  and a more creative name than “Virgin Mobile”. 

I’ve been thinking about replacing it with a more modern phone that’s smaller and lighter, but you know, I don’t think I’m going to.  It ain’t broke, so I’m not going to fix it, assuming I can get a new battery for it.   And I’m going to go top it up right now.

I wonder if anyone else is Old School enough to stand up for the dumbphone?


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  1. What more could you need? A camera phone!

    I was a little skeptical about the need for a long time. But now that I have one, I love it. It’s great to be able to text pictures back and forth with my sisters. I’ve even been able to text a picture of me in a dress to a sister and gotten a yea or a nay on it before I even left the dressing room. Oh, and you can have a little picture pop up on the phone identifying someone calling.

    It’s not a good camera, but its about as good as that stupid point and shoot I have. Oh, and they best part about the phone. It’s same phone as about four other of my family members have. I can always borrow someone’s charger if I’m out and about.

    Admittedly, these are all extras, but they make the phone more enjoyable to me. I don’t think I’d bother with the iphone or such nonsense. But I like the phone I have.

  2. Oh, don’t *tempt* me, Rose, dear!

    I will say that there is a real attraction in a camera phone. There have certainly been occasions when I wish I’d had one, and they do seem to be becoming more frequent.

    I’m pretty sure when I get a new phone it will have a camera. Not having one isn’t a dealbreaker on my old phone yet, but that’s subject to change …

  3. There have been occasions when I’ve wished you had one. Like when I’ve seen a nifty car on the street. If you had a phone that could receive pictures, I would have taken a quick snap of one and sent it off to you like that.

    In fact, I think I still have such a picture on my phone that I took before I remembered that you couldn’t receive it.

  4. Send it to my email!

  5. I don’t have your email anymore. But you should have mine.

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